We Help Ambitious Businesses Swap Marketing Bullshit for Authentic, Purposeful, and Profitable Brand Strategies.

“Authentically unique stories and purpose-based strategies ignite businesses, build brand value and inspire action. They challenge thinking, bring clarity, and inspire loyalty for products and services. Anyone can copy what you do; No one can copy who you are.”

I Know That Truly Authentic Stories Create "True Believer" Customers

A Uniquely Personal Story Is A Rallying Cry That Inspires, Engages And Motivates.

A uniquely meaningful story is the articulation of what we stand for, why we exist and our vision of the world we want to see. It's the foundation upon which everything else is built. Without it, we're nothing more than the sum of our products and processes. Yet, with it, we have the alignment necessary to focus on what we do best... having a positive impact on our community.

An Authentic Business Is A More Successful Business.

There is a fundamental disconnect between what businesses strive to gain and what our customers truly care about. As a result, most businesses are lost pursuing a "better than bad" strategy, wasting money on advertising and initiatives that will never attract the customers they really want in their community. Today's consumers have learned to trust businesses that celebrate their personal values, as well as great products or services. For a creative business to connect, it must be meaningful to its community.

When Businesses Celebrate Authenticity & Purpose, This Happens:

They attract customers who love them

Decision-making processes are simplified & innovation accelerates

Marketing dollars go farther through focus and targetED audiences

They grow deliberately and sustainably, and maintain agility during downturns


We drive ambitious companies to discover their authentic purpose, craft their story, and live it every day, driving their community to grow with them. We do this through:


Strategy, Positioning & Unique Differentiation.


Mission, Vision & Values Development.


Comprehensive Marketing Plan & Proforma.


Brand Storytelling & Purpose Development.


Customer Acquisition & Retention.


Startup & Launch Campaigns.

 Jeff Jochum 

MKTGHACK founder 

Jeff is the author of the best selling book Uniqueing Your Brand, as well as a brand strategist and sales consultant for some of the world's most successful companies, technology organizations, and start-ups. He has over 25 years of experience working with creatives to elevate authentic storytelling and build uniquely differentiated brand promises.

He believes there’s a fundamental disconnect between the way we build and market our businesses and what our customers truly care about. The world’s most loved and most profitable companies have figured this out, and he’s spent years studying how and why.

Want to Fly?

Our clients run the gamut from early-stage startups to established international brands to individual creative artists. Regardless of industry, what they each have in common is a desire to make a difference in the lives of their employees, customers and in their communities. They understand that clarity of purpose and story is how they will make that happen. If you're ready to jump off the cliff of brand mediocrity, let's discuss your speed and altitude.


MKTGHACK is a strategy company helping creative businesses grow by discovering their authentically unique purposes and crafting their brand stories.